Henri Dwyer - Engineer and Data Scientist


Welcome to my website, where you can find details about my projects, and my Blog.


I am a data scientist and engineer, and I like to solve problems using machine learning.

My latest project involves recognizing ukulele and guitar chords using neural networks. I also love participating in kaggle competitions.

Since May 2015, I am a Data Scientist at the Dataiku New York office.

Short Bio

Like most people in the field, I did not follow a straight path into data science.

I studied math and physics in the top French engineering school, Ecole Polytechnique. I did research on hydropower and solar cells, before going to Columbia University for an MS in engineering where I researched air pollution and waste to energy. I tried experimental research but realized data analysis is way more fun.

I started learning machine learning on my own, and became obsessed. I signed up for courses in the statistics department at Columbia, tried a Kaggle competition and finished in the top 10%. I decided to get more practical experience by doing a 3-month data science boot camp: Metis.

Now at Dataiku I am helping build the best platform for data scientists.

Other Information

I love Go, I can have a conversation in Japanese, and I like to think I am a pretty good ukulele player.